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Great Safaris CEO - Dave Herbert

Dave Herbert, center, CEO of Great Safaris, accepting the 2010 Lifetime Achievement Ubuntu Award from the Hon M. van Schalkwyk, the South Africa Minister of Tourism.

An Introduction to Great Safaris

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Enriching Life Experiences


The magic has already begun! Can you hear it? Like the distant rumble of a million migratory hooves. Can you feel it? Like the warm caress of an African breeze, carrying the rich aroma of wild thyme.

Can you picture yourself in Africa… standing on an ancient salt pan, watching a family of ostrich marching across the shimmering mirage? Can you imagine yourself sitting beside a blue-green lake while sly crocs bask on the shoreline and pods of hippos grunt curiously from the deep?

Can you envision yourself in an open safari jeep surrounded by buffalo… herds so huge they appear as an undulating sea of brown and black. Giraffe loping in ghostly silence across a yellow-flecked savanna. Lions patrolling at sundown. Hyenas nervous, laughing… darting in an out of the full moon shadows.

We hope you will consider Great Safaris as your partner in magic. Together we can conjure up your perfect life- vacation and lead you down a path that you have only walked in your dreams.

And why can we do this? Because we have, ourselves, walked that path time and time again. There is nothing that gives us more pleasure than to gather new friends within our magic circle, and lead them to the Africa that we know and love so well.

Africa speaks in a language that our reasoning has forgotten. It insinuates into our subconscious. It sings a siren song that cannot be ignored. A journey to Africa is a trek into the magical and it is a journey you have already begun. Step inside a bit further… pass through the Great Safaris' portal and discover what an African safari can do for the sanity and the soul.

The Last Lions
In Botswana's Okavango Delta, an ostracized lioness and her two cubs must fight alone to survive - overcoming all manner of hazard, from the raging wildfires on the Delta, to the jealousy of sister lionesses, to the marauding males who kill her mate, to the prey that becomes predator. Their only defense is to escape to Duba Island and with that, an unknown future.

The setting for this epic tale is one of the last regions where lions can live in the wild. Faced with dwindling land and increasing pressure from hunting, lions - like our lone lioness and her cubs are approaching the brink of extinction.

National Geographic EntretainmentBotswana Tourism

In celebration of National Geographic's new film, The Last Lions, we are pleased to offer this special travel package

Great Safaris, Botswana - The Lions Last Refuge

Cape to Cairo 32 days, The Ultimate Journey

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